Hello, I'm Amy!

I'm a Newcastle based Artist and Photographer specialising in telling stories and capturing moments. I am very fortunate to have a job that I love – so much so that, can I really call it a ‘job’?!


I have the pleasure of pursuing my passion as a career and meeting lots of lovely new people along the way. Each shoot has a different story to tell and this is what keeps me so inspired! And of course nothing beats a good road trip round the countryside, surrounding myself with amazing people doing what they love, in their element, and sharing the joy they get from it.

Since I started my photography in 2015, it has opened my eyes up to the small details that make up the big picture, allowing me to document those precious moments, capturing emotions and telling stories.  


My granddad was a racehorse trainer, so my mum grew up around horses, but never had one of her own. When my sister, Laura, and I were young, my mum saw it as the perfect excuse to start riding, and we all went to a local riding school, Stepney Bank Stables, to have riding lessons.



From the age of 7, I was hooked! I could think of nothing better than cuddling ponies and smelling of horse manure. Several livery bills later, my parents are still waiting for the day I grow out of it!



I own the loveliest (and most adorable!) four legged friend I could ask for – and I am not biased in the slightest! Baloo (aka Boo), was a very special Christmas present back in 2011 – he has the biggest personality and I am 97.3% sure he’s a human in disguise! He is quite the comedian.

Boo was the horse of a lifetime, there was nothing he wouldn’t do for me and I owe him the world for that.​ Due to injury, I had to retire him in 2016 and he became the biggest, cuddliest pet I could have asked for!

However, after two years out in a field and much deliberation, I decided to slowly bring Boo back into work in the hope he would be a happy hacker. To my amazement, he came back better than ever before I knew it, we were back competing and doing more than ever before! 


I still regularly have to pinch myself that we're here, and if you see me out competing, don't be surprised when I break down in (happy!) tears at the end of every class - yes, it happens regularly!

Just a little happy ending I couldn't help but share with you all! 

I love the creative outlet being a photographer gives me - when I have a vision, I am able to go and make it happen!  Working with so many like minded individuals keeps me inspired to push the boundaries and produce work that will hold great sentimental value and be loved and cherished for year to come.

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