May 27, 2017

Phillipa had very kindly gifted a photo shoot voucher to her good friend Gemma last year, and as a surprise Gemma had booked extra time to include Phillipa and her horse too! We started their shoot down the track with Gemma, Phillipa and their horses Barnaby and Bunny. Phillipa and Gemma had grown up together around the horses and have such a close and strong friendship, sharing lots of memories. Their friendship naturally shone through in all the photos, making my job as photographer very easy!

 We captured some in hand photographs first, of the four of them walking up the lane together and giggling away! They both looked gorgeous and so in sync in their tweed jackets and jeans. Barnaby and Bunny’s chestnut coats both had a lovely golden glow which popped against the green of the summer bushes – the setting was just perfect. After capturing some in hand shots of the two of them, they then hopped on board for some mounted photos. They walked up and down the track, which was all quite exciting for the two retired horses!


Phillipa then had some time to herself with Bunny for some individual photos. They had such a lovely bond, understandably so when Phil has owned Bunny for many years. Sadly, Phil had to retire Bunny at just 10 years old due to injury, but was luckily able to get a foal from her. Her foal, Grace, is now 6 years old and coming along nicely. Phil’s friend Adam has been riding her, and Phil had been riding one of Gemma and David’s horses, Oaky, who she plans to do the Wobbleberry Challenge on! Phil and Adam had had a trip to practice their Cross Country the day before their shoot and had clearly had a lot of fun!


Phillipa and Bunny were a pleasure to photograph, Bunny had the biggest smile on her face the whole way through and Phil’s love for her was so evident. I thoroughly look forward to seeing what little Grace gets up to and watching Phillipa and Oaky’s journey!


Thanks again for having me and I hope you like your photos!!


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