JULIA & SOX - Shoot Day

June 11, 2017

After a very enjoyable shoot with Ann earlier in the day, I stopped off for a quick bite of lunch before making my way back to Prestwick Home Farm for my 7th shoot there. I just love going back there, we always receive such a warm welcome and have a good laugh throughout! This time, I was returning for my second shoot with Linda, and for Julia’s first.

 On arrival we had some heavy rain and thunder and we were starting to contemplate if we were going to have to make a last minute reschedule. However, after a little break of weather watching, the clouds seemed to move over and leave us with some bright skies after all! Julia went first with her Welsh D mare, Sox. Sox is 22 years young and is one of the shiniest horses I know – she looked very well! Julia told me how she bought Sox 11 years ago for her daughter, however her daughter outgrew her, so Julia took over the ride!


Julia told me how Sox is your typical ‘mare’ – stubborn and strong willed. If she doesn’t want to do something, then she’s not doing it, but she was absolutely gorgeous and she knew it! In her smart jods and pink shirt, with her lovely blonde hair down, Julia also looked the part – so the two of them made for some beautiful photos.



During their shoot, Julia was keen to capture those in hand bonding photos with Sox, so we made our way around the yard, trying out a number of different backdrops. We began in the fields with buttercups, where Sox very happily stood to be fussed over. She was a complete saint, and allowed us to capture some photos of Julia sat in the buttercups with her. We then made our way down the track and into some other fields where we were able to try out some different poses, before rounding up the shoot in a stable doorway to capture some images for their black background photos.


I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know you both and I hope you enjoyed your shoot as much as I did! Thanks again for having me, and thank you Helen for all your help and hospitality!


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