EMMA & GARY - Shoot Day

July 7, 2017

I met up with Emma and Gary at Seaton Sluice on a dizzly day last week for their photo shoot. Luckily we had planned our shoot at the beach, and this tends to be quite atmospheric on those grey days! Emma and Gary were keen to get photos of their dogs, Austin and Rupert, and Emma’s horse, Emma (yes, two Emma’s)!

We started the shoot with one year old Austin and six month old Rupert, who were both so full of energy and character! Emma and Gary got Austin last year, but after sadly losing their previous dog Austin was left feeling a little lonely, so along came Rupert! Both dogs came from the same breeder and after meeting the red bitch the first time round, Garry was keen to get a red puppy the next time. The two of them were so much fun to photograph; they had bundles of energy and just loved to play – so much so that Austin disappeared for a little while with another dog walker’s frisbee – oops!


Next up it was Emma and Em’s turn! Emma has owned nine year old Em since she was a practically untouched five year old. She went to view a heard of horses whom were all for sale – this one horse in particular stood out to Emma, she was just standing back from the heard. When Emma asked her name and was told she was also called Emma, she knew it was just meant to be! Emma hopes that Em will be a nice all-rounder, and since they have invested in a trailer, they are getting out and about much more regularly – one of their favourite places being the beach!



Em was beautifully turned out from top to toe, and Emma’s friend had very kindly made her a floral browband especially for her shoot. Emma’s outfit coordinated perfectly with the flowers – the two of them matched perfectly and suited one another down to the ground! We spent some time in the sand dunes and on the beach capturing some in hand bonding photos with Emma and Em, before rounding up our shoot with some group photographs with Garry in too!


Thank you for inviting me to join you on your birthday! I hope you enjoyed your shoot as much as I did, and thawed out after getting caught up in the drizzle!


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