July 15, 2017

I met up with Rebecca on a Wednesday afternoon when she claimed a photo shoot voucher she had been gifted by Sam. I arrived just as the skies cleared after a very wet and drizzly day. However, not to be beaten by the British weather, we pushed our shoot back an hour and hit lucky! In fact, the conditions couldn’t have turned out better. The setting was beautiful too – Rebecca was well prepared with ideas to try around the location, and she looked gorgeous!

 She introduced me to her very sweet boy, Rupbert, who greeted me with a head butt – apparently that’s his ‘thing’ – or so I found out throughout the shoot! But Rupbert was such a love to work with, he was very handsome and certainly knew it. Rebecca has had Rupbert for 13 years (wow!), and despite now being 23 years old, he’s still young at heart with bags of character and a mischievous look in his eye! The bond Rebecca and Rupbert have built up over the years was evident throughout our shoot – they just gelled together!


Rupbert and Rebecca mainly happy hack, and enjoy trips to the beach. They love to adventure through the fields and tracks surrounding their yard, enjoying each other’s company. She told me of a time when Rupbert was in the bad books after a ten mile pleasure ride, when he decided not to box home, so they had a further ten mile hack to get home – oops! Maybe not one of their finest moments – but certainly an amusing story to look back on!



For their shoot, Rebecca had picked out two outfits, her casual yard attire, and a beautiful summery dress – this added a nice variety to her photos. We started in her yard attire, where we captured a mix of in hand and mounted photos round the yard, posing by gates, along the track, and in the field, before she nipped away to change into her dress to round up the shoot with some more glamorous shots.


Thank you for inviting me over to meet yourself and Rupbert – it was a pleasure photographing and getting to know you both better! I hope you like your photos!


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