VARI & RORRY - Shoot Day

July 20, 2017

After a fun filled morning at Masons with Gemma and Karyn, I made my way over to the Havannah Nature Reserve to meet up with Vari and Rorry. They arrived on foot, having walked up from their yard just down the road. Rorry was all bandaged up after his bath and had managed to keep himself sparkling clean! Vari stripped down her many layers to reveal her well thought through outfit – a red waistcoat, over a matching stripy top, with black jeans and long black boots. They both looked like they had just stepped out of a catalogue!

Rorry, Vari’s handsome Irish Draught Cross, is now 18 years old, so Vari was keen to capture those precious memories just in case the worst was ever to happen. Having said that, Rorry is still as fit as a fiddle, eventing to BE 90 and giving all the spring chickens a run for their money! Vari has ridden and loaned horses for many years, working at event yards, polo yards, you name it – but she now works as a vet nurse, and Rorry is particularly special to her – being the first horse she truly considers as her own.


We made our way round the Havannah Nature reserve, and along the way picked out some of the best spots for photos. There was such a variety of scenery to play with – from wooden gates, to country tracks, over hanging trees and beautiful summer flowers – you name it, we had it all! Rorry’s bright white coat popped against every back drop, and despite not liking her photo taken, Vari was a complete natural in front of the camera! In the two years Vari has had Rorry, they have built up a lovely rapport and this made photographing them both such a pleasure - Rorry was a real poser!!



I hope you enjoyed your shoot and have lots of memories now to treasure for years to come! I had a wonderful time getting to know you both better and look forward to seeing you out and about more in the future.


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