July 26, 2017

After a very enjoyable shoot with Claire and her foal, Nancy, I then made my way to Lane Farm for my next shoot of the day, this time with Lauren and Lesley. Lauren’s mum, Lesley, had gifted her a photo shoot voucher for her Birthday last year. After Lauren joined us on Abi’s shoot the previous week as chief groom – she felt rather inspired for her’s, so quickly booked her date.

In the lead up to her shoot, Lauren had thoroughly checked out the Client Area of my website, which is packed full of inspiration and ideas for your shoot day. So she dusted off the clippers and clipped out Jack from top to toe. She did for a moment think she was going to have to leave the second ear unclipped after he took a disliking half way through – now that would have made for some interesting photos! Thankfully he let her finish up, and he looked wonderful! Lauren then made her way to the shops and bought herself and Lesley matching outfits for the day – so cute! 


Lauren and Lesley have owned 14 year old Jack for two years now – he was the first horse they have owned after always loaning in the past. He quickly became a very special part of the Thoburn family, being spoilt rotten at any opportunity and he could want for nothing! Lesley and Lauren spend many hours up at the yard enjoying each other’s company too – more like best friends than mother and daughter – so photographing the three of them, and the bond between them all, was an absolute joy.



We captured some studio-like black background photos before working our way up to the fields where we had a lot of fun trying out different poses, capturing some precious memories in hand and mounted. We rounded up the shoot with Lauren having what looked like and extremely fun bareback canter across the fields. Mind you, I don’t know who was enjoying themselves more out of Lauren and Jack!


I had such a fun time on your shoot – it was a real pleasure getting the three of you in front of the camera. I hope you like your photos and have lots of memories to treasure now for years to come!


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