FRAN & MOO - Shoot Day

July 30, 2017

I was invited back to West House Farm in Stannington – this time to meet up with Fran and Ashley.  When I arrived, I was greeted by two glamorous looking ladies (who clearly hadn’t been mucking out that morning)! Fran was first to go with her lovely mare, Moo!

Fran is often around and about on the yard while I am visiting, so she had seen a lot of the shoots taking place. This meant she was very well prepared for her turn, in fact she knew all the poses and was such a natural in front of the camera. I am sure she had been practicing! I had a wonderful shoot with her mum Julie last year, so it was lovely to be invited back by Fran.


Fran has owned 12 year old Moo for the past 3 years. Moo was her first pony and, although a little mischievous at time, Moo taught her to ride. They enjoy getting out and about to the local dressage and show jumping competitions, and due to Moo’s character, they always have a story to tell! Fran hopes to event in the future with Moo.



We made our way round the yard, starting in the barn for the studio-like black background shots, then heading out and about, capturing those precious bonding photos. Fran and Moo had a lovely relationship. Moo was very happy to stand anywhere in Fran’s company and had a big grin on her face throughout the shoot! Fran then tacked up and hopped on board to round up the shoot with some mounted shots, cantering through the fields!


Thank you so much for having me back – it was lovely to get to know the two of you better! I hope you like your photos.


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