August 2, 2017

I was invited back to West House Farm by Fran and Ashley, who had both seen my photographs from several previous shoots I have had the pleasure of doing on their yard. Ashley was second to go, and introduced me to her gorgeous chestnut mare, Bev, and her 8 month old Bernese Mountain dog, Bella. Daniel, her boyfriend, came along as a helping hand and to join in the photos too!

Ashley was keen to book a shoot as her precious girl, Bev, is now 27 years young, and she wanted to make sure she had all the precious moments they spend together documented to look back over for many years to come. Bev was an absolute joy to be around, and I can totally see why Ashley has fallen in love with her. She has a heart of gold and just loved being in the company of Ashley – this made capturing those bonding photos rather special.


Bev was initially bought as a confidence giver, when Ashley’s confidence had hit a low point after her previous horse. It didn’t take long for Bev to restore Ashley’s confidence, and over the years they have enjoyed doing little bits of everything, but mainly happy hacking! They would go for miles and take great pleasure in sharing each other’s company with the beautiful views surrounding them.


Ashley looked lovely in her photos – she went for she ‘smart casual’ look, with a denim top and country boots. Her hair was beautifully curled – she looked like she had just stepped out of the salon! After capturing some black-background shots in the barn, we made our way round the yard to capture more out and about photos.



To mix things up a bit, we called on the little mischief, Bella, to join in some pictures. Bella is such a character – the whole time she was out of shot, she was so excited to join in, and the whole time she was in shot, she just wanted to plant herself and not move! This made the ‘walking away’ pictures a real laugh! Daniel was great however, and managed to tame the wild one for the group photos.


I had a lovely time meeting you all and hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did! Thank you again for inviting me back. Hopefully we captured those precious moments for you to treasure for many years to come!


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