VALARIE & TROY - Shoot Day

August 10, 2017

After meeting Lesley for photo shoots twice last year, I was excited to be invited back to photograph for her horsey family again! This time, as a gift for her good friend, she booked a photoshoot for Val too. I met up with Val first, who gave me a very warm welcome and introduced me to her gorgeous 18 year old ISH, Troy.

Val has owned Troy since he was four, and over the years he has shown talent in all spheres, but particularly shining in the dressage! They have competed successfully up to elementary together, and despite being so talented, Troy had a heart of gold and was so laid back and easy going – although Val warned me he can have the odd spook!


His inquisitive nature worked to our advantage during the shoot, he was very interested in our ‘bag of tricks’ that we use to get the horses ears forwards and looking alert. In fact, both of them made my job very easy – Val knew exactly how to stand and pose and was a complete natural – they made quite a picture! Ian, Val’s husband, was all hands on deck and a huge help throughout the shoot – making sure we had all the tack at the right time, and even joining in for some group family photos (for which he had certainly been practicing his poses)!



After capturing some studio-like black background shots in the barn,  we made our way round the beautiful scenic spots on the yard with Troy and Val’s dog, Fidget. Val then had a quick change of outfit and we rounded up the shoot with some ridden photos where Troy was able to show off his best dance moves! Val and Troy were a pleasure to watch – they both gelled so beautifully and were clearly both very much enjoying their ride. With Penshaw Monument in the background – it gave us some lovely views in our photos!


Thank you for having me to come and photograph for you – it was such a pleasure meeting you and watching the lovely bond between yourself and Troy! I hope you like your photos!


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