August 12, 2017

Lesley had invited me to her yard on two occasions last year and I got to meet her wonderful horsey family, so I was very excited to be invited back again to see their progress. Lesley booked for me to meet her friend, Val, beforehand as a present, and I had such a lovely time photographing Val and Troy on my way to Lesley’s. Once we rounded up Val’s shoot, I made my way over to see Lesley.

 Last year I spent the majority of Lesley’s shoot capturing those precious in hand bonding shots, however this time Lesley was keen to get some ridden shots of Octavia and Vandal. Octavia was retired from competing a little while ago, and since Lesley is usually the woman behind the camera, she no longer gets many pictures of her much loved mare working. So Lesley hopped on board and showed off all Octavia’s best dance moves for me to see.


Octavia looked wonderful; Lesley had her in a matching grey le mieux set – bandages and saddle pad – which looked very classy and sophisticated. The grey matched her lovely summery blouse too – they looked quite the picture. Octavia was a pleasure to watch, she had such an expressive medium trot – and from the grin on both their faces, I couldn’t tell who was enjoying it more! Lesley very kindly offered me a little ride on Octavia too – to which I couldn’t say no!



While I was having a turn on Octavia, Lesley tacked up Vandal for his turn in the spotlight. Vandal was unbacked when I visited last – in fact I visited the week before he was due to be backed. Coming back and seeing him as a big boy was very special! He couldn’t have looked prouder when Lesley hopped on board – his ears were pricked and he was constantly watching me with such pride in his eye! I felt very proud watching him as he moved around the school – so I can only imagine how Lesley felt!


Thank you so much for inviting me back – I can’t tell you how lovely it was to be re-united with your gorgeous four legged family and have a good catch up! I look forward to watching Vandal’s progress and wish you all the best with him!


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