KATIE, BEN & HENRY - Shoot Day

August 8, 2017

I met up with Katie on a lovely day in July. She had spent the morning bathing and preparing all six horses for her photo shoot, yet still looked ever so glamorous herself – I don’t know how she did it! She was keen to have photos of her four legged family, as well as some with her husband Ben and 3 year old son, Henry, too! Katie was very organised for the shoot and had put a lot of thought into the kind of photos she had in mind – which made my job very easy.

 We started the shoot with Mini, her super talented jumping mare who she very clearly had a lot of admiration for. Mini had the most gorgeous look about her, a real head turner, but bundles of talent to go with it. Katie is very keen to breed from her in the future. We captured some black background shots before making our way down the drive to get some scenic bonding shots with her too.


Next in line was the wonderful Roo. Standing at 18.1hh, I can only describe him as the gentle giant. Roo is Henry’s best friend and they spend many an hour cuddling and bonding. The focus of Roo’s shoot was to capture the little and large bonding time – which was just adorable!  After Roo, we had Henry’s other best friend, and first pony, Tinkerbelle! Tinkerbelle is a gorgeous little grey Welsh A (my favourite!) and a real sweet heart. Henry nipped into the house to change, but instead returned a dinosaur, so said dinosaur had his shoot in the long grass with Tinkerbelle!


Belinda, aka Belle, was next up. Belle is a gorgeous warmblood mare with a wonderful golden shine to her coat – a real eye catcher too. Katie was keen to get some jumping pictures with Belle, who made every jump look effortless. In the future, Katie would love to breed of her as she makes a wonderful mum! Epic, Katie’s 5 year old, was next to go. Again, Katie had some ridden photos with Epic – this time out in the field to show off her fancy paces and elevated movement!



Last but not least was Prem, her 6 year old. Prem has been produced slowly due to an injury as a foal, and looked wonderful. Katie never imaged she would be doing so well, and her muscle tone and schooling was magnificent for such a young mare – she seemed to have a heart of gold when it came to her work! We rounded up the shoot with some photos in the barn, of Katie and team Summers all looking over their stable doors – how cute!


Thank you ever so much for inviting me over to photograph for you all. I had a wonderful time meeting all the family (both four legged and two!) and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves too!


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