JORDAN & CISCO - Shoot Day

August 18, 2017

Lesley and Donna had contacted me at Christmas 2016 to order photo shoot vouchers as surprise gifts for their daughters Laura and Jordan. They booked their date in July and used the run up to their shoot wisely, preparing their outfits, poses, and gathering ideas for their shoot day! They were all very well prepared, which made my job so much easier. After a wonderful shoot with Lesley and Laura, next to go we had Jordan and Donna with their gorgeous Trotter x, Cisco!

 Jordan told me how Cisco is her first pony; she has owned him just over a year now after falling in love with his advert while on holiday at Centre Parks. They came home, tried him, and the rest is history. They enjoy doing bits of everything – he jumps for fun and can fly a 1m10 fence with his eyes closed! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for these two.


Cisco was sparkling clean on the morning of their shoot, and their secret? Chalk! Clouds of chalk filled the air when you patted him, but he looked wonderful! He was so photogenic too, with the most beautiful, kind eye – and he knew it! He was a real character - another one who had ‘clearly never been fed’ – but this was all part of his charm and made for lots of giggles along the way. Jordan had a lovely relationship with him; all he wanted to do was give her copious amounts of kisses throughout the shoot – just adorable!



We spent some time around the scenic spots on the yard, capturing their lovely bond with some in hand shots, before Jordan nipped to the stables to change into her second outfit. She returned looking very glam and we captured some group photos with Donna too. Donna and Jordan were more like sisters than mother and daughter and their gorgeous relationship shone through in all the photos! To round up the shoot, Jordan hopped on board for some bareback shots. Cisco looked very proud of himself – I think he enjoyed being a horse-model for the day!


It was such a pleasure meeting and photographing you all – thank you for providing me with lots of giggles along the way, and sharing your stories with me!


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