August 24, 2017

I was really looking forward to my shoot with Lauren, I knew she had been planning it for a while and had lots of ideas for the day. The sun was shining and I had a good feeling about this one! Lauren did not disappoint – when I arrived, Buster had been bathed till he was gleaming, and Lauren looked so beautiful in a floaty, white top, jeans and country boots. She told me how she was keen to get a mix of artistic black background shots, and some out and about in hand bonding photos with Buster.

We began the shoot in the barn doorway, creating the perfect contrast between dark and light for the studio-like shots. Buster was a dream to photograph – not only were his ears constantly pricked, and his expression endearingly inquisitive, but he stood like a gem too! Because of this, we were able to spend some time playing about with different angles and testing out lots of poses with him! Then Lauren stepped in to join him and showed us just how precious their bond was!


Lauren has owned 25 year old Buster for 15 years, and he is truly part of the family. Over the years they have enjoyed a bit of everything, he would turn his hoof to anything and was a real machine Cross Country! They have built up a gorgeous relationship in the time she has owned him – he just wanted to follow her everywhere and was extremely happy for her to sit by him and cuddle in – which made my job as photographer extremely easy!



There was lots of beautiful scenery to play with at Lauren’s yard, so we made our way down the track for some out and about photos. Lauren’s husband David arrived to join us for the photos – along with him he brought little Lily, their very enthusiastic terrier! David was non-horsey before he met Lauren, and once Lauren introduced him to Buster, he was hooked. Despite a few spills along the way, David was not put off and loves to join in the horsey fun with Lauren on a weekend.


We rounded up the shoot on the lawn with little Lily, who had bundles of enthusiasm for anything squeaky! Despite having had an op just a few weeks ago, she gave it her all and showed us how speedy she was, having a good play for some action shots. Buster very happily watched on with a big, well deserved, mouthful of grass!


I had a lot of fun meeting you all and hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. Thank you for making me feel so welcome!


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