TRACY & TILLY - Shoot Day

August 28, 2017

Many of you will know Tracy from her pig squeaking and umbrella shaking duties behind the camera on our photo shoots – yes.. she’s the woman in charge of getting those ears forwards! Well this time it was her turn in front of the camera, with her absolutely wonderful mare, Tilly Thomson! She had owned Tilly for 4 years and in that time, they have shared many happy memories hacking out and dipping their feet (and hooves) into bits of dressage too!

 Tilly had been pampered all morning for her upcoming shoot and was dazzling clean! Tracy had spent the best part of a week working out which outfit she wanted to wear for her shoot, and brought a spare top, jacket, and different boots to change between part way through to add some variety to her photos. She had a casual, glam look about her and photographed beautifully!


We made our way down the track, stopping at all the scenic gems we could find on the way. Jade very kindly joined us for the shoot – stepping in as apprentice pig squeaker and worked her magic getting Tilly’s ears forwards. In fact, she was an absolute star, bringing the contents of Tracy’s and Tilly’s wardrobe, as well as the ‘trick bag’ (for the horse’s ears) down with us in a wheelbarrow. There was no surprise her arms were dragging on the floor by the time we got back from the shoot!



At the bottom of the track, there was a gorgeous crop field which photographed beautifully for some mounted shots, before we rounded up the shoot with some photos of Tilly and Tracy bonding in the long grass nearby. It was so lovely to have Mother Thomson back in front of the camera!


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