SARAH & JAMIE - Shoot Day

September 10, 2017

After two very enjoyable shoots at the weekend with Abbie and Jessie, I was invited back to The Rising Sun for a shoot with Sarah and her beautiful Welsh Cob, Jamie. Sarah has owned 11 year old Jamie since he was a newly backed 3 year old. At the age of 4, Sarah had an unfortunate flying lesson which landed her in hospital with a broken leg (in several places)! Several years on, she still needs surgery to repair the damage; however this doesn’t hold them back in the slightest!

While Sarah had to take some time off riding, they developed a strong bond doing some trick training, where Jamie learnt to give kisses, say please and bow! Their bond was a pleasure to photograph; Jamie was very keen to cuddle into Sarah at any given opportunity. Sarah was after some mounted shots of Jamie and herself in their cow-girl attire, so borrowed a friends western saddle and planned her outfit especially, picking out a checked top, blue jeans and a cowboy hat to complete the look!



We began the shoot by a wooden gate on the yard, which photographed really well with their cow-girl look, before heading to the freshly cut and bailed crop field for some posed shots by the bales. The Rising Sun has so much scenery to play with, so after spending some time here, we worked our way down the track to capture some walking away shot and some more posed ones by the bridge, before rounding the shoot up back at the yard.


Thank you ever so much for inviting me back – it was lovely to get to know yourself and Jamie better and I hope the photos give you something to smile about while you are recovering from your latest surgery!


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