RUBY & ALAN - Shoot Day

September 14, 2017

Last year I had such a lovely time photographing the gorgeous Ellie and her pony Boots – you may remember them both from their shoot in Plessey woods. During Ellie’s shoot, her younger sister Ruby was all hands on deck behind the scenes, helping us pick the best locations for the photos and providing lots of entertainment along the way! Ruby had told me all about her dog Alan, so I was absolutely thrilled when their mum, Helen, bought Ruby and Alan a photo shoot voucher as a gift!

 Helen arranged for their shoot to take place in Plessey Woods too, as this is somewhere Ruby often likes to walk Alan, and she had been picking out her favourite spots in preparation for her shoot! In fact, Ruby was extremely prepared for her shoot – she had chosen three of her favourite outfits, and Alan even had matching bows for his hair! The two of them were both sporting new hair dos after a trip to the hairdressers and groomers the day before.


Ruby has owned Alan two years now, after he was gifted to her as a congratulations present for receiving the ‘star pupil’ award in school – they quickly became best of friends. Alan follows Ruby around like her shadow and never left her side throughout the shoot. Ruby had him very well trained, he responded to her whenever she whistled, it was so lovely to watch! He is a credit to all the hard work she puts in at their dog agility classes.



Because they had such a gorgeous bond, it made my job as photographer very easy. Wherever Ruby sat, Alan was right alongside her cuddling in. We managed to capture some gorgeous shots of them walking through the woods, lying in the grass and peering over gates together, before rounding up the shoot by the water where the lighting was just gorgeous!


Thank you ever so much for inviting me back again - it was wonderful to finally meet Alan after hearing so much about him. I hope you like your photos!


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