CAROL & DUNCAN - Shoot Day

October 14, 2017

Carol contacted me about booking a photoshoot as a gift to herself and her husband as part of their 30th Wedding Anniversary celebrations. She also decided to book for her niece, Sophie, to join in the fun – so I met up with the three of them, and their horses Duncan, Topper and Cally at the gorgeous Havanah Nature Reserve just down the road from their yard. We made our way round the nature reserve making the most of all the natural backdrops on offer and taking it in turns to pose for the camera.

 First to go with her gorgeous boy, Duncan, was Carol. Duncan is a 7 year old Irish Spots Horse, with a bubbly nature and a kind eye! He looked magnificent in all the photos, he had a real striking look about him, as did Carol who went for a classy look with a white t-shirt and waistcoat – the two of them made for some gorgeous photos! Carol and Duncan often enjoy hacking around the Havanah, so he was keen to explore his favourite places. In the three years she has owned him, they have mainly competed in dressage, but Carol told me how he also loves to jump!


Steve, Carol’s husband, stepped in for some group shots too, alongside his TB Cross gelding, Topper. Topper had worked pulling gun carriages in the army before he found a quieter home happy hacking with Carol and Steve. He is now 25 years young and still has the energy and enthusiasm of a 4 year old! Topper was a real busy body and loved to keep moving, so we had a lot of giggles trying to get some group photos! Thankfully Duncan was an angel and stood perfectly in place while we got Topper into position.



After picking out our favourite spots out and about at the nature reserve, we made our way back down onto the yard to round up the shoot with some studio-like black background photos. We used a barn doorway to create the blacked out effect and captured some head portraits of all three horses, as well as some group shots with Carol and her boys!


Thank you ever so much for having me and providing a lot of entertainment on the way! I hope you enjoyed your shoot and the beautiful photos were well worth all the horse hokey-cokey that went on behind the scenes!


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