December 8, 2017

Jenny was gifted a voucher last year for her 14th Birthday and came to claim her photo shoot during Autumn – which is one of my all-time favourite times of year for photographs - the warm tones in the trees really light up the photos! I arrived on her yard and was greeted by Jenny, Sarah (who you may remember from her photo shoot last year), Neil (Jenny’s dad) and the two Shetlands, Petal and Lily - we had all hands on deck.

 Jenny told me how Petal and Lily are big pets and a bit like having yard dogs – they roam free on the yard and follow you round like a shadow! They were not only adorable, but so full of character and clearly had such a gorgeous bond with Jenny. Although both Shetlands have their mischievous streaks, they were complete saints throughout the shoot and fully embraced being pony-models for the day.


Going for the smart-casual look, Jenny had a stripy top, jeans and country boots on, and her gorgeous, long, wavy hair was blowing beautifully in the breeze! She was such a natural in front of the camera and needed no direction. Prepared with ideas for the shoot, Jenny made my job extremely easy and I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the three of them!



Thank you ever so much for having me, and thank you Sarah and Neil for all your help behind the scenes too! I hope you like your photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them.


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