April 16, 2018

Janice invited me round to her home in Bedlington on a beautiful, sunny spring morning in March to photograph her two rescue dogs, Anya and Spike. She was the winner of my 2017 prize draw! You may remember Janice from our shoot last year with her gorgeous ex racer, Keene. It was a pleasure to have a catch up and meet the remainder of her four legged family! Janice looked as classy as ever in her smart – casual attire, with a jumper top, jeans and boots that coordinated beautifully adding a pop of colour against the dog’s coats and our surroundings.



First, I was introduced to Anya, her beautiful 9 year old Borzoi – she was so graceful and such a friendly soul. Janice told me how she just wants to be everyone’s friend, and how she will often stare at strangers till they make eye contact in order to acquire new friends! Then Janice introduced the wonderful Spike into the equation. Spike came bounding over, full of energy and enthusiasm and greeted me with copious doggy kisses – I very quickly acquired two new friends!



We began our shoot in the garden while I got to know the two of them, before we made our way out onto the streets to use the gorgeous greenery that was coming to life in the spring sun! Both dogs behaved impeccably and I think were quite enjoying all the attention that came with being dog models for the day. We had a play about picking out a few different backdrops for our photos, including trees, brick walls and open grassy areas that were all situated just a stone throw from Janice’s house, before rounding up the shoot with some photos of Anya having a good run around!


Thank you for having me back to meet and photograph your delightful two terrors – they were an absolute delight from start to finish. 


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