RACHEL & CLEO - Shoot Day

June 2, 2018

Rachel booked her springtime shoot just as we were graced with the beautiful sunshine and greener scenery! We had a lovely day for it – not too hot, but not too cool. Cleo had been bathed and scrubbed in preparation for the shoot, and Rachel was well prepared with a clear idea of the kind of photos she was after – making my job a breeze!

 When I met Rachel at the yard, Cleo was ready and waiting and Rachel had just finished tacking her up. She was keen to get some photos of her all dressed up and posing in front of the show jumps in the outdoor school. The jumps were all set up and ready to go, as was Rachel dressed head to toe in her smart competition attire.



We took our time in the school capturing photos with Cleo’s tack on and off before going for a wander along the track to the pond, where we were able to capture some very scenic shots with the long grass and purple flowers. Both Rachel and Cleo were so photogenic and complete naturals to pose, so all I had to do was sit back and snap away! We rounded up the shoot back on the yard, using Rachel’s stable doorway to capture some studio-like black background head shots of Cleo – in which she looked stunning!


Thank you for having me to photograph for the two of you – was very exciting to finally get you both in front of the camera! I hope you like your photos!!


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