SARAH & TOM - Shoot Day

June 8, 2018

After a beautiful shoot at Sarah’s yard last year with her handsome man, Max, I was delighted when she got back in touch about a shoot with the dogs! I briefly met her two lurchers, Molly and Ralph, and her boyfriends Labrador, Belle, at the end of her shoot with Max, where they hopped in for a group shot at the end. This time however, they were lead role in front of the camera, and didn’t they know how to work it!


It was a gorgeous sunny weekend and it looked as though everyone had had the same idea as us, so when we pulled up at Plessey Woods in to a jam-packed car park it was clear we were going to have fun! Sarah, Tom and their three delightful dog-models were ready and waiting when I arrived, after their quick walk to expel any excess energy.

We began the shoot in the top field where we captured some beautiful head shots and some action shots of them having a run and a play, before we made our way down into the woods to find some scenic spots for the rest of our shoot. The wild garlic was in full bloom, as were the bluebells – we were spoilt for choice with scenery.


Each dog sat so beautifully for the posed photos individually – but didn’t we have a laugh trying to get all three posed at the same time! They all had ants in their pants, and the squeaky toys we had with us were far too interesting to ignore. With some careful positioning and a lot of determination and patience on Sarah and Tom’s part – we captured some absolutely gorgeous group shots. The three of them were so naturally photogenic, it just took that split second to capture the winning shots before they all bounced up to resume playing!



After making our way round the woods, we rounded the shoot up down by the water where the dogs had a nice swim to cool down (and get really mucky before their car journey home – sorry Sarah)!! Thank you for having me back – it was a pleasure to have a shoot with these three characters – I loved every second of it (bet you two slept well that night)!


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