LAURA & RED - Shoot Day

June 10, 2018

You may remember Laura and Boots, whom I met at the end of last year when Laura was keen to get some photos of her lovely boy after his battle with cancer. Boots had done very well and brought so much life and enthusiasm to his shoot despite his recent ill health. After enjoying their previous shoot Laura decided to invite me back, this time to photograph her wonderfully shiny ex racer, Red.

 Red was ready and waiting on my arrival, and didn’t he look well! His coat was gleaming and his hooves readily painted, Laura was finishing applying some black spray to his legs before we began. We started the session in a barn doorway where we were able to use the contrast of the light outdoors, and the dark barn to capture some studio-like black background images. He is such a good-looking horse and looked magnificent against the dark background.


Laura then nipped off to quickly change outfits before we made our way down the track to take advantage of the wonderful views and pretty scenic spots on offer at her yard. Their bond was so precious to capture, Red has been part of the family for 7 years now and there was no doubting how well the two of them have gelled. Red came to Laura when he retired from racing as a 4 year old. They compete in dressage together while dipping their feet (and hooves) into the odd One Day Event here and there for a bit of fun.



She soon regretted the amount of coat shine she had applied to Red’s coat when Laura hopped on board bareback for the mounted shots! Despite it being a little slippy up there, they made their way down the lane where we captured some gorgeous photos of the two of them having a good cuddle. We then rounded up the shoot back at the yard with the most wonderful Boots, who joined in again for his second modelling session – he was looking absolutely fantastic having made a very impressive recovery since the last time we met, it was brilliant to see!


Thank you for inviting me back again – it was a pleasure meeting Red after hearing so much about him, and of course seeing Boots looking so well! I hope you love your photos just as much this time round too!


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