June 17, 2018

Charlotte contacted me desperate for a last-minute booking as her much loved 7 year old cob, Dudley, was heading off to his new loan home later that week. Luckily, I had a slot come available just after lunch on the day he was due leave, so I packed my camera and made my way to meet them!

 It was a really difficult decision for Charlotte to make when she popped him up for loan, but one she knew she had to do when she became pregnant. Although she was very reluctant to see him go, she was ecstatic that she had found such a lovely home to take him on in the mean time while she started a new and exciting chapter in her life!


Dudley had been with Charlotte for 4 years, and in that time, they have done everything together, from dressage to ODE’s – he would turn his hoof to anything. He was a real character on the photo shoot, and I could totally see why Charlotte was so attached to him and reluctant to let him go. He did everything with a spark in his eye (and did I mention he has the most impressive eye lashes I have seen on a horse??)



After capturing some black background images in the barn, Charlotte took us for a walk down the lane where the beautiful rape fields were in full bloom! We stopped at a number of scenic spots along the way before rounding up the shoot with some mounted shots in amongst the long crops!


I am thrilled we managed to squeeze you in just in time, and I hope your photos give you lots of happy memories to treasure, bump and all! Best of luck with the little one – I cannot wait to come back for a baby and Dudley shoot!


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