July 11, 2018

Chrissie invited me to her gorgeous new place in Morpeth. She has recently finished doing up the land and building her own arena for training in. As I was driving onto the yard, I was so excited to get my camera in my hand, the scenery was to die for! 

 Dressed in show gear, Chrissie walked onto the yard and introduced me to Bob, her very handsome Irish Sports Horse, who she picked as a 5 year old from a dealer in Cheshire who had brought him across from Ireland. She told me how she wasn’t expecting a lot from him at the time in terms of high level Dressage, but hoped they might make it to Medium dressage with the right training. However Bob exceeded all expectations and worked his way up the levels over the last 10 years to compete at Inter I. His willing attitude, big heart and good work ethic is what makes him such a special horse!



We began the shoot in the barn on the yard where we captured some black background photos, before we made our way out and about to get some in hand bonding shots around in the beautiful scenery Chrissie had to offer. After a quick turn around, Chrissie hopped on board in her tailcoat for some mounted shots. Bob showed off his favourite (and very impressive!) dance moves and I had the pleasure of being able to capture them on camera. We rounded up the shoot with lots of pats for Mr Fancy Pants, while I deliberated if he would fit in the back of my car to come home with me!


Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful place. I hope you enjoyed your shoot as much as I enjoyed capturing the two of you.


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