July 23, 2018

After receiving a photo shoot voucher as a gift, Sarah booked her second shoot with me. Back in 2016, we photographed Sarah at the beach with her horse of a lifetime, George. After sadly losing George, she searched long and hard for a new partner in crime, and just as she was beginning to loose hope, along came Misty!

 Although Sarah used to compete quite seriously at dressage with George, she has taken a more relaxed approach with Misty. They are enjoying doing a variety of things, from horsey holidays away, to dressage and jumping - they have taken to a spot of spontaneous planning and new adventures!


We must have picked one of the hottest days for our shoot at Plessey Woods – the sun was shining, the dog walkers were out and several barbecues were on the go when we arrived. There was nothing that Misty fussed over – she stood very patiently while passers by came to say hello and quickly resumed her modelling once they left.



There were a number of areas we stopped at offering beautiful photo opportunities on our way through the woods. We made our way down the track all the way to the water where Sarah was keen to get some photos of Misty – and they looked wonderful! The mischievous, but adorable Alfie, Sarah’s dog, even joined us for a number of group shots at the end. Then we made our way back to car park for a well earnt ice cream to cool off!!


Thank you for letting me into your world to capture some photos of you and your four-legged children – was lovely to get to know Misty better too. I hope you’re enjoying your photos!


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