January 18, 2019

It was my second shoot of the year with Claire, who booked alongside her good friend and partner in crime, Denise, for their photo shoot. It was my final shoot of 2018, so I was extremely excited when they announced the arrival of their new canine family members – four Lab puppies!!

 I arrived at Denise’s house in Ponteland and was instantly greeted by my first two pup-models, Belle and Bow. Not long after my arrival, Claire followed on with her two, Bentley and Prue – whom were equally as welcoming, and clearly very excited to be at Aunty Denise’s!


Denise told me how by total impulse and complete accident, she came to acquiring little Belle after her much-loved lab, Meg died earlier this year. Claire caught wind of the news and HAD to have her own, and after some online searching, she came across Bentley. The two of them cannot be trusted on their own, and while on their way home from picking up their new family members, they swung by another breeder and ‘accidently’ acquired two more puppies, Bow and Prue!



I can totally see why they fell in love with each of them, and could happily have taken them all home with me if they would have fit in my camera bag! They provided me with endless entertainment during the shoot – everywhere I looked there was a puppy playing, one rolling down a hill, one having a lie down, and one nowhere to be seen!


I always have such a chaotic shoot with you lot, but each time go away excited for the next! Cannot wait to see what more surprises you have in store for me in the future.


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