April 24, 2019


What fun I had in the Easter holidays with Amelia and Lilly – two of the most smiley young ladies I have met! This is Amelia and her golden boy, Rufus! Rufus is very much part of the family (as are all their ponies!) and you could tell he knew how loved he was. The feeling was certainly mutual by the way he nuzzled into Amelia at any given opportunity.



Amelia was a complete natural in front of the camera and made my job SUPER easy! Dressed in her tweed jacket from the county show, and her brand new jods and boots – she looked so classy. Both Amelia, and her younger sister Lilly were having shoots with their ponies – so we made our way down to the fields behind Witton Castle to play with the lovely views on offer!































We had a real giggle throughout and the cool breeze wasn’t enough to wipe the cheeky grins off their faces!


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