May 31, 2019

Put your hands in the air if you want a St Bernard.. Holly I think Amber has converted me! If only Amber would have fit in my camera bag, I could have taken her home with me – what an absolute GEM she is!



After receiving a voucher for her Birthday, Holly and Ann (whom you may remember from our shoot a couple of years ago!) met me at the GORGEOUS Bolam Lake with three-year-old Amber. We had endless scenery to play with – I would HIGHLY recommend this as a location if you’re thinking about where to have your shoot!



All three have the most adorable bonds between them which was a JOY to capture – with such radiant smiles, my cheeks were hurting from grinning away behind the camera throughout. Thank you SO much for having me back Holly – hope you love your images!!



P.S. you can have them all if I can keep Amber 😉  


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Ellen & Abigail

July 17, 2019

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