Gillian & Woody

July 4, 2019

Gillian, I will do you a deal, you can have weekly photo shoots if I can steal your GORGEOUS long boots.. I LOVED your outfits! Gillian came well prepared to her shoot, she had the shiniest horse, Woody, looking very glam and ready to go, and had brought along two outfits to add some variety to her shoot.



She started in a long, summers dress, which she reaaally looked the part in, walking around ever so gracefully.. then off she popped to change into a more smart-casual look with her long, glam tan boots, light jeans and a shirt. While she was off getting changed, I took the opportunity to capture some snaps of the dogs, Molly and Parker, who were absolutely delightful and enjoying a splash down in the stream (their favourite spot!)



On Gillian’s return, up she hopped on board for some mounted photos in the long grass by her house – SUCH a beautiful setting!!! Thank you SO much for making me feel so welcome at your home – I really enjoyed having you all in front of the camera!  


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