Nothing creates that catalogue look better than a well turned out dog and owner. Hopefully by now you have picked out your location, so how are you going to get your dog ready?



Practice some basic commands before your shoot day. It's helpful if your dog can sit, stay and come to call. If you can extend the period of time they 'sit' and 'stay' for, even better! This way it's much easier to set them up in the best conditions for some action shots.


If not, don't worry, I love a good challenge, and we always get some fun pictures of them playing! Although they do get bonus points for lie down, paw and any other special tricks!


It's a good idea (if you think your dog needs it) to book them in to the groomers a couple of days before your shoot - giving their new do a chance to settle in. Make sure the hairs around their facial features are trimmed so they can secretly hypnotise and bribe us for treats with those puppy dog eyes!! 


Bathing the day before will bring out the dirt from their coat and leave them looking shiny and clean!


Please let me know if there are any special requirements I should know about. If your dog can be anxious or aggressive around new people or other dogs, fill me in ahead of time so we can factor this in to any plans we have for the day and I can come prepared.


   ON THE DAY   


They should be clean on the day, but make sure to bring some wipes for any touch ups - you know how tempting the mud can be! Bring water (especially on hot days), a ball to throw for some action shots and treats to use as bribery. If they are likely to drool for treats, we are best off trying to bribe them with toys to start with, so pack their favourite toy too (preferably something squeeky to get their attention)!


Ideally, where possible, only give your dog a light feed prior to the shoot, this will keep them alert and focused and prevent them being sluggish!

If your dog is a busy bee, it's a good idea to give them a walk before hand to take the edge off their excitement, so they are calm and relaxed for their shoot. However, if they are the quiet type, allow them to rest prior so they aren't tired - they often do a lot of running round on a shoot!


Depending on your dog's temperament, you will want to prepare differently - you will be the best judge of this. It is likely that most dogs will be tired by the end of their shoot, so try not to plan anything too extreme for afterwards.