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Nothing creates that catalogue look better than a well turned out horse and owner. Hopefully by now you have picked out your location, so how are you going to turn your horse out?

Don't worry, I have you covered. Meet Amelia →

(my super talented groom and wonder woman!!) 

Here are some of her top tips for getting your horses shoot ready!




Bathing prior to a shoot will remove dirt, dust and excess grease. Make sure you scrub thoroughly through manes, tails and hooves. If you don't have hot water, then a good hot cloth is the next best thing (especially in colder weather)



Depending on your horses breed, and the look you are wanting to go for, here are some areas to pay particular attention to:

• MANES + TAILS - pulled or plaited manes and tails give a classy look to any image (BUT don't forget the bridle path and don't use scissors!!!)

• FEATHERS - well trimmed feathers really define the horses legs

• CLIP - if it's clipping season, try clipping 2 or so weeks prior to your shoot, so any harsh lines have time to grow in for a more natural finish. Make sure small cat hairs are taken off under the chin and over the body

• HOOVES - after a good clean, add a splash of hoof oil to give them a healthy glow

•  EYES & NOSE - these areas may require a wipe over before your shoot to remove any dust, dirt or food - this is not a good look in close ups!




I would highly recommend putting your horse in a nice leather bridle for your shoot. This way, you can put the reins over their head to free up your hands for some more cuddley shots! 

If you do plan on using a head collar, a leather head collar does look smart. Keep your leadrope to a nuteral colour - black, brown or navy work best - as to not distract the eye in the photos. 

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